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What we do

we are recruiting from engineers to top managers, in France and at International level, in functional areas such as sales and marketing, service, R&D and manufacturing, clinical studies and regulatory affairs, logistics, purchasing, IT, human resources, legal and finance, reimbursement, health economy and market access.
The healthcare sector has become increasingly complex and globalized, and has undergone deep changes. Being experts in this field is therefore an essential asset.

How we do it

Each search is an investment that requires important resources devoted to research work ; we are able to directly approach candidate who did not necessarily declared themselves as such, we are also using internal and external data-bases, professional networks and appropriate job boards

We are attentively analyzing the position, company’s culture and management style. We are also carefully evaluating personality, motivations, values and potential of candidates. In addition to individual interviews, we are using psychological tests and are systematically checking references.
At the end of this comprehensive process, the recommendations we are making will ensure optimal integration and progression of the new employee.

Over the years, we have established partnership with hundreds of companies, from small firms and start ups to large international groups. This partnership results from our unfailing commitment to our mission : help our clients optimize efficiency of their operations through input of appropriate human resources.

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